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Our Namibia Trip 1 and 2 May 2022

Our Namibia trip starts on 1 May 2022 from our home in Pretoria. An exciting 6000km tour through Namibia awaits us.

Vryburg – Boereplaas

On 1 May we drove 423 km to Boereplaas just outside Vryburg. On Google’s suggestion, we took the road turning right after Delareyville and drove past Stella. BIG mistake. It is not a road for most of the way, with massive potholes everywhere. We saw a guy next to the road changing a tyre after going through a big hole. Boereplaas was very nice for the night’s stopover.

Die Rooi Kar Padstal

Continuing with our 2 week Namibia trip. Die Rooi Kar padstal. It is on the N14 between Olifantshoek and Upington. Make sure you stop here when you are in the area. They have an old Ford Galaxy500 parked in front, that is where the name comes from. Awesome food, wors, sosaties and things like Kerriekool. It is a family running this padstal personally from their farm. You can also sit down and eat and drink something. And for the children lots of animals to look at. Incl very tame Meerkat. 

Nakop/Ariamsvlei Border Crossing

At the Nakop border crossing into Namibia. No grass, just sand, and then this jewel. I don’t know who is the brains behind this, but we thought it was VERY funny. What do you think? After you go through the Nakop border crossing on the South African side you travel about 16km until you find the Ariamsvlei border crossing where you cross into Namibia. It is getting late, and we still have to find a place to sleep. 


After crossing the border into Namibia ( very smooth border crossing, 30 min in total) Surika looked for a place to camp in the Tracks4African Nambian book. We decided on Kleinbegin about 90 km after the border. We arrived there in the dark. (this would become a trend during our trip. The curse of being a photographer that stops everywhere) When we booked in there was a calf about hip height that was waiting impatiently for us to finish, apparently she sleeps in the house. We had a nice rest and went without a hot shower the next day as you have to light the donkie and warm up the water with palm tree leaves that burn out instantly. Miya introduced the Namibian dog to ice.


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